The SDG Digital Transformation and Sustainability Solutions Lab

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Pegasus Capital Advisors is excited to announce a new upcoming initiative, The SDG Digital Transformation and Sustainability Solutions Lab, which will engage renowned academic experts to unlock innovative approaches and insights aimed at accelerating the delivery of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through tech and data science innovation. This Lab aims to bring together several top technology minds from Silicon Valley including Stanford and U.C. Berkeley communities, with impact entrepreneurs working on the ground, grassroots communities, NGOs, and local and regional governments to advance and measure impact. In addition to leveraging technology and data analysis to address local challenges, round table conversations will be held to ideate and co-create digital and sustainability policy.

This new initiative comes in the context of Pegasus’ mandate to mobilize transformative impact investments and innovative solutions aimed at improving the lives and livelihoods of the people and communities most affected by climate change and biodiversity loss. A key goal of this initiative is to engage with local partners at the country level including governments and NGOs to understand local challenges and to co-ideate and co-design digital solutions to advance the SDGs. Working in close collaboration with other multilateral and bilateral development institutions, Pegasus manages two climate funds anchored by the Green Climate Fund, covering multiple geographies and sectors in the Global South. This initiative will help catalyze innovative sustainability solutions and new ways of measuring impact with Pegasus and its various partners including Green Climate Fund, Africa Adaptation Initiative, UNDP, Gold Standard, IICA, Forum for Farmers and Food Security among others.

Leading the initiative are:

Initiative Founding Co-Chairs

Radhika Shah

Co-President Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs, Board Member CEGA U.C. Berkeley

Claudia Thieme Cogut

Co-Founder Stanford Alumni in Sustainability

Craig Cogut
Craig Cogut

Founder, Chairman & CEO Pegasus Capital Advisors

“The Global Center for Sustainable Digital Finance at Stanford University is looking forward to collaborating on this exciting new initiative and jointly entering new ground with innovative, technology based ways to sustainability.”

Professor Thomas Puschmann, Executive Director of the Global Center for Sustainable Digital Finance at Stanford University

In partnership with:

Global Executive Advisory Board

Gina McCarthy

Gina McCarthy, former US EPA Administrator and first White House National Climate Advisor

* We will soon announce members of the Academic Faculty Advisory Board and Africa Executive Advisory Committee who will advise and engage on this initiative to advance Agenda 2030.